A reef-safe treatment for fish with marine Ich exists but it requires a bit of dedication and a couple of inexpensive gadgets. Praziquantel is not reef safe. Special Considerations. Pros - Reef safe, effective dewormer that is … Confirmation of flukes can be obtained via a freshwater dip. At the time of this writing, fenbendazole is a relatively new medication, so all the downsides/side effects are probably not yet fully understood. (5 mL) per 25 gal. Directions Shake thoroughly prior to use. In this case it is a tablet. (95 L) daily for 10 days. Praziquantel can be injected at the base of the caudal fin (caudal peduncle), or dosed with foods, or diluted as a dip or used as a general treatment. Treatments Because flukes are naturally clear a visual confirmation is nearly impossible. However, it might not be the top treatment for C. irritans, so you may need to combine it with an alternative treatment, such as KICK-ICH—another copper-free treatment from Ruby Reef. After 3-5 minutes the fluke will become opaque and dislodge from the fish. …reef-safe, broad-spectrum treatment for external fish parasites and pathogenic bacteria, and can even help to control troublesome dinoflagellates. When using 100% metronidazole powder, I dose 500 mg for every 20-40 gallons (80-160 liters).I typically start on the low end (500 mg per 40 gals), and then ramp it up to 500 mg per 20 gals by the 3rd or 4th dose. RALLY does, however, succeed at treating other external parasites, such as dinoflagellates and flukes. Treat and control unwanted parasites like flukes, tapeworms, flatworms, and turbellarians in your reef tank. The active ingredient in Fluke-Solve™ is praziquantel which has been used in a range of fish species for the control […] Both contain praziquantel. In severe cases, a longer treatment period may be After treatment is done, activated carbon may be used to remove any residuals (if you need to use a different medication next). Remove any carbon and/or zeolite from filters. You can get as as an injection or tablet. Add 1 mL of MICROBE-LIFT/Herbtana per 5 gal. Dip treatments with ParaGuard™ are helpful in treating and preventing flukes, but keep in mind that this parasite spends part of its life cycle living in your water and substrate - the entire tank needs to … Ruby Reef products are Reef Safe and can be effective on Ich and many other parasites and infections in the aquarium. This is an excellent alternative to harsher medications and can be used directly in the display aquarium if necessary, unlike treatments such as copper.… How To Treat – Metro can be found as a stand-alone drug (e.g. Pros – Effective dewormer that is relatively gentle on most fish. Baytril and Biltricide are commonly used. Ruby Reef was incorporated in 1998 after three years of product development, product stability and beta site testing, and market testing by Dr. Sam Grillo. If using a protein skimmer post-treatment, be advised that it will “over skim” for at least a couple of weeks. Although helpful, it is not a necessity, to identify the fluke’s family to aid in treatment. Seachem MetroPlex, Hikari Metro+) or incorporated into a multi-purpose medication (e.g. API General Cure). REEF SAFE – COPPER FREE. Suggested Treatment Period: 14 days or until infection clears. Keep biological filters operational. In fact, I’ve tried what I’m about to describe on two separate aquarium systems and it worked flawlessly both times. Fluke-Solve™ is the result of in-depth research by veterinary fish experts who have recognised the need for ornamental fish keepers to have access to high quality veterinary pharmaceutical products which are both safe and effective. Cons/Side Effects – Fenbendazole is NOT reef safe.DO NOT food soak or dose it into a reef environment. (19 L) daily for 10 days Or add 1 tsp.

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